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Join the Automotive Practice at Hangar Worldwide.

We're innovating in the automotive industry, and YOU can be one of the 50 new team members we're looking to incorporate to our team this year. 

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Join our crew.

Be part of the next automotive industry digital revolution.

Highest standards for leading brands.

Our Automotive Practice

For the past 12 years, we've been developing a solid and sustainable capability in automotive marketing technologies. Due to our success, now we are ready to scale exponentially in partnership with Critical Mass to take this to the next level and offer more robust services to automotive global brands. 

We're aiming to grow our existing team by 50 members by the end of 2021. Selected candidates will be collaborating to bring to life new features, functionalities, and experiences in the digital realm for automotive brands.

Take the driver’s seat.

Why Hangar?

Coding Station

Superior Tech Work  

​At Hangar we don’t just build experiences, we create an impact. Our clients belong to a niche that works under the highest quality standards, and, in doing so, resort to the use of emerging technologies.

  • Adobe Experience Manager

  • GraphQL, JCR, RDBMS

  • ES6, Vue.js

  • Java

Training and Guidance

If you’re an expert, that’s a plus! But you don’t need to be.


All you need is passion, a strong background, and willingness to learn; we’ll teach you and get you up to speed with our certified training programs.

Computer Programming
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Global Scope

Our projects go far beyond local collaboration, they have a global scope.


Members of our team get to connect and work with peers in Calgary, New York, Nashville, London, and India.

Get to know us better.

We’re a globally renowned technology and design solutions company focused on tackling ground-breaking digital challenges for some of the world's most iconic and successful agencies and brands.


At Hangar Worldwide we host a vibrant community of technology and creative-focused individuals from around the world. We encourage skills sharing, camaraderie, mutual respect, and authenticity. This is the place where your voice can be heard and you can belong to a network of experts who come together to face the digital challenges of tomorrow–yes, we’re always one step ahead!

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